Friday, October 24, 2008

On the Other Hand

Okay, last post was what I love, let's switch to what I'm tired of...

Stupid commercials. I hate the new Routon car commercials with Brooke Shields. They aren't clever - they're just stupid.

People who take up two parking spots for their car. If you're that worried, get a cheaper car or park further away. Please.

Politics. I can't wait for this election to be over. The nasty campaigning on both sides is out of control.

Laziness. I have no patience for you if you are lazy.

People who vote based on party or race. If you're voting for McCain because he's Republican or Obama because he's black, you're an idiot. Vote based on what you believe and what they stand for. Pay attention.

People who don't discipline their kids and expect the rest of us to be fine with it when their little cloven hooves go running past and over us. It's not cute. It's not funny now and it won't be funny in 10 years when they get sent to juvy.

Viagra commercials. Maybe some day when I'm a dusty old cougar and need to get a little sumthin' sumthin' I won't find it so offensive, but today, right now, eewww. And, not for nothing, I'm sure Elvis would be thrilled to see what you've done with Viva Las Vegas. Not bad enough he's buried in the backyard like a family pet, now look what you've done.

People who complain about the current economy but haven't changed their lifestyle. We're in this mess because we were greedy and made bad decisions. I realize that's not true for everyone, but for most of us, it is. Grow up, suck it up, and take responsibility for your own actions.

Okay, enough for now. It's actually been a nice day off, relaxing, reading, watching some cheesy old horror movies, but I had a conversation with my daughter and it made me think. She mentioned a conversation she had with a friend who has more disposable income than most of my working adult friends, and although I love that friend of hers, she needs a good spanking.

On that happy note, what are you tired of?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


As I type, I'm sitting in my bed eating Ritz crackers and drinking a glass of white wine as I watch TV. My husband is still at work - he had counseling session with a couple that 's struggling and then stuck around to help a friend with a project, he's THAT good of a guy.

Ritz crackers are just about my favorite snack - second only to hot buttered toast. mmm. Toast. Great, now I want toast, but not enough to get out of bed. So, my blog tonight will be filled with deep thoughts - what are my favorite things? Because inquiring minds want to know, right?

Hmm, let's see...
The really good feeling you get when you pull up your socks or take off nylons/panty hose
My mom's homemade bread - okay, I'm four items in and 3 of the 4 are food
80's music - I'm a sucker for Tears For Fears, the Police, The Cars, old Prince, Howard Jones, Elvis Costello...big hair & shoulder pads - bring it on
My husbands' lame jokes.
Lists. I love lists. They make me happy.
I like being Canadian. We just had a federal election. Any of my American friends know that? Probably not. But, that's okay, I'm Canadian, so I'll still be your friend. : )
I like when my dog Sophie sleeps next to me. I admit I'm the one who made thought my sister was ridiculous about her dog, and now I am the same way.
Washing my hands - I admit that I am obsessive - people germs, actually stranger germs - freak me out. I wash my hands about 10-15 times a day - not totally OCD, but I think they'd be impressed by my efforts.
Dwight Shrute - Rainn Wilson's character on the Office makes me LAUGH.
List of the Day. Awesome. Some of it's a little saucy for my taste, but most of it makes me laugh my rear off. AND it's a list. God bless you Cary.

I can't focus enough to write anything else. What makes you happy?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random 80's Music of the Day

It's been a hectic/stressful couple of weeks, so I've been rolling through my "comfort music" to mellow out. Usually that means James Taylor, who my husband refers to as my "audio prozac" for his abilty to stop me dead in the midst of an insane rant. Lately though, I've been perusing my 80's soundtracks. They aren't all music greats or timeless classics, some of them are more like Twinkies. Junk food for your ears. No nutrional value, but still delicious. Please to enjoy.

A little Glass Tiger

Elvis Costello

Howard Jones

Corey Hart - not the one who used to be married to Pink

And what 80's list would be complete without a little Depeche Mode?