Sunday, May 20, 2007

so i had a bad day

Okay, I finally admit it. I'm not fine like I keep saying. I think it's safe to say I hit bottom, quite literally, last Sunday afternoon. After a restless night with my constant insomnia puntuated by a series of nightmares about my husband and children, I had a decent morning at church only to have a well meaning individual stop by the Media/Tech (Video Toaster Room) to encourage me for an HOUR after service yesterday. I came home, tried to participate in my family life only to slip while carrying a pot of potatoes I had just taken off the boil, and landed full force on my elbows. Starchy potato (or is it potatoe) water makes an excellent heat conductor when mixed with human hair, so I have a lovely blister on my right jaw line and the entire back of my right ear is another disgusting weeping blister. I am actually quite fortunate - it could have been much worse. Needless to say, I took to my bed of affliction soon after. Later, I came downstairs to get a fresh cold pack for the burn, took out my diamond stud earring Roy gave me as part of a set for our anniversay years ago, and left it on the counter. It was pinching the blister, so I was a little side tracked and failed to put it in the little dish I keep by the sink for just such an occasion. R came home, tidied up, and yep, swept it into the disposal, and that's the end of that. Totally not his fault, and he - as is typical of R - felt bad for me instead of being annoyed with me for being so irresponsible. Now, I am trying to be Joseph or Job and not let what's happened TO me not happen IN me - see, I listen to the sermons - and I'm confident this will be a really funny story someday. Sunday wasn't that day. Pretty confident today could be, and as I climb out of the pit, I'm choosing to see the glint of sunlight above me as reflecting off my martyr's crown, and not a chamber pot.